Laetitia Eido : Fauda (Netflix)

After the very successful run of Season 1 (aired worldwide on Netflix) FAUDA will return with Season 2 very soon.
LAETITIA EIDO  is currently shooting for Season 2 playing  series lead Dr Shirin El-Abed.
This action-thriller – BEST SCRIPT, FIPA 2016 – tackles the clichés about the Israeli-Palestinian divide, and is watched and loved as much by Israelis AND Palestinians, which itself is already a victory.
« ‘FAUDA’, which means ‘chaos’ in Arabic, is ground-breaking for the region: it’s mostly in Arabic with Hebrew subtitles, and it shows the conflict in a way that makes people from ‘all’ sides want to keep watching ». The authors are not naïve, they « don’t think a TV show can be the key to peace in the region or anything. But at the very least, Israelis and Palestinians might realize that the people they’ve labeled ‘the enemy’ for so long aren’t so different, after all. »
What makes this series so riveting: it’s not a black-and-white overview of tensions between the Israelis and Palestinians. The plot focuses on an Israel Defense Forces (IDF) unit re-assembling to try to eliminate a Hamas terrorist who was thought to have been killed in an earlier operation.





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