Daphne Patakia : Versailles (Canal + Netflix)

DAPHNE PATAKIA  plays  series regular Princess Eleanor in “Versailles” Season 3 from Canal+ , directed by Pieter Van Hees and created by Simon Mirren and David Holstencroft

Versailles, 1667. Haunted by the trauma of the Fronde, as the nobles of his court begin to rebel against the monarchy, 28-year-old King Louis XIV of France and Navarre , in a Machiavellian political move, decides to make the nobility submit by imposing a definitive move of the court from Paris to Versailles, his father’s former hunting lodge. Trapped by their king’s “invitation”, the nobles of Paris gradually come to see the palace as a gilded prison, and soon even the most humble courtiers of the king begin to show their viciousness as the alcoves of secrets, politics, and war are maneuvered through, revealing Versailles in all its glory and brutality











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