Daphne Patakia : “DJAM” will premiere at the 70th Festival de Cannes


Daphne Patakia is starring in Tony Gatlif’s next feature: DJAM  which will premiere at the 70th Festival de Cannes.

The screening is planned for the 25th of May and will be part of the Séances Specials forum, companion of the official selection category. The film is a two-hander directed by Tony Gatlif and center’s on  “Djam”  played by Daphne – a young and rebellious girl that’s sent by her uncle “Kakourgos” (Simon Abkarian) an old Greek singer in Istanbul to fetch a rare engine part from a nearby island. Along the way she meets “Avril” (Maryne Cayon), a young, wild belly dancer with astonishing beauty. Charmed by one another “Avril” is persuaded to follow “Djam” on the return path home in an effort to create a better life for herself.











Laëtitia Eido:”HOLLY AIR” World Premiere at TRIBECA Film Festival


Our brilliant actress Laëtitia Eido plays the part of Lamia in “HOLLY AIR” which premiere tonight at TRIBECA FILM FESTIVAL.

Adam (writer/director Shady Srour) is thoroughly in love with his wife Lamia (Laëtitia Eïdo), but that doesn’t make him a successful businessman. He needs money now more than ever as they’re experiencing a difficult pregnancy while his father is gravely ill. Adding the small daily misfortunes he encounters as an Arab Christian in Nazareth means Adam could really use a big break. He finds one where he least expects it: on the biblical hilltop Mount Precipice. He embarks on his latest, riskiest business venture: bottling the holy air and selling it to the city’s tourists.

A colorful snapshot of modern-day Nazareth, Holy Air examines the complicated emotions that go into living as a modern, progressive family on the world’s most spiritual ground. All around swirls the challenging social crosscurrents that Adam will need to navigate to get his idea off the ground: Catholic capitalists, Jewish bureaucrats, Muslim gangsters. Srour and Eïdo deliver remarkable and unflinching performances in this endearing comedy on spirituality, ideology, and survival—and which of the three must be sacrificed to preserve the others.













Hellenic Academy Awards 2017

Congratulations to our brilliant Greek actors for their nominations in Hellenic Academy Awards 2017!

Actors in a LEADING ROLE:

Daphne Patakia for her performance in SPRING AWAKENING – Directed by Kostantinos Giannaris.

Sofia Kokali for her performance in NIMA – Directed by Alexander Voulgaris.

Vassilis Koukalani for his performance in AMERIQA SQUARE –  Directed by Yiannis Sakaridis


Themis Panou  for his performance in NOTIAS –  Directed by Tassos  Boulmetis

Elli Tringou for her performance in SUNTAN – Directed by Argyris Papadimitropoulos.

















Christos Vasilopoulos Cast in TNT’s ‘The Last Ship’

After appearing in “Banshee” and “Blindspot”, Christos Vasilopoulos has nabbed yet another great TV role in TNT’s series “The Last Ship”.

The show is now producing its fourth season. Christos was cast as Stavros Diomedes, and will be recurring on six out of the ten episodes of the series. He is currently filming his part in Los Angeles.

“The Last Ship” is a drama based on a 1988 novel of the same name, which takes place in a future where a global virus has wiped out 80% of the world’s population. The crew of a naval ship known as the USS Nathan James, one of the few unaffected spots on the planet, must find a cure and save the world.















Tsahi Halevi joins KP Talent Management

The very talented TSAHI HALEVI joins KP Talent Management!

Tsahi is an Israeli actor, singer and song writer based in Tel-Aviv. He is known for or Bethlehem , Fauda and The Kind Words.

He has won the OPHIR PRIZE IN 2013 for the role of RAZI in BETHLEHEM.














Tsahi Halevi joins the cast of Mary Magdalene

Tsahi Halevi joins the cast of Mary Magdalene playing the part of Ephraim next to  Rooney Mara and Joaquin Phoenix.

Directed by Garth davis.














Anastasia Tsilimpiou Playing Young Kosem in “Kosem Sultan”

Anastasia has joined the cast of the very successful tv series “Magnificent Centrury Kosem Sultan” playing the part of Young Kosem.

“Anastasia a young Greek woman in Ahmed I’s harem takes on the name ‘Kosem’ (leader, pioneer). In a world of men, she rules of the Ottoman Empire through her sons and grandson.”















Laëtitia Eido won Best Actress Award – Views of the World Film & Music Festival in Montreal

We are so thriller to announce that Laëtitia won another award  for her leading part in “Fadhma n’Soumer” movie at “Views of the world Film & Music Festival in Montreal.

Laëtitia EÏDO is a French actress from a mixed background who can play characters from different ethnicities, in several languages (French, English, Greek, Palestinian, Berberian, Algerian, Hebrew). Her recent work includes the feature film “A borrowed identity” by Eran RIKLIS (“Lemon tree”); and a main part in the very successful tv-series “Fauda”, which tackles the clichés about the Israel/Palestine conflict (BEST SCRIPT AWARD, FIPA 2016). Laëtitia has been awarded with the BEST ACTRESS OF NORTH AFRICA Award (at Fespaco Film Fest – Sotigui Awards 2016) for her lead part in “Fadhma n’Soumer”, a historical feature film by B.Hadjadj.

She will soon be seen on the big screen in the Palestinian feature film “Holy air” by Shady Srour, with the female lead part ; and in “Yes I do”, a French tv-series by Elsa Blayau for Studio+, the new CANAL+ digital label. She will also be back on stage in France in 2017 with the theatrical adaptation of “The 4th wall”, a novel by Sorj Chalandon (GONCOURT Lycéens AWARD, 2013) directed by Arnaud Stéphan, in Britany National Theatre (Rennes).











Faidra Tsolina joins our team as the new International Development Associate

We are very excited to announce that Faidra Tsolina has joined KP Talent Management as the new International Development Associate!!!

Faidra Tsolina is a Greek filmmaker based in London. She studied Theatre at the University of Patras and worked as a professional theatre director and a drama teacher with children with special needs. In 2012 she moved to London to do her Masters in Filmmaking at London Film School. Her work is often centered on change and inevitability and draws heavily on the European Art House tradition as well as the Independent American Cinema. She also works extensively as a First Assistant Director in tv and cinema.